Where the biggest potatoes grow?

I am a very busy primary school teacher involved in some international projects so I travel a lot. My last journey was in England and it was one of the best ever: beside project work, I met good friends and I understood what English country life meant.

London… lot of people, crowdy streets, impossible traffic, Buckingham Palace, rush hours in the tube, red buses, Westminster Abbey, expensive food and souvenirs, parks, pubs, the Thames, any language of the world, Big Ben in Elisabeth Tower…After five days of exploring and struggling the city I took the train to Birmingham International to visit my friend Paul and his family.

Country life in England was a great experience for me as I was a part of common values shared by the English community: allotment for growing the favourite taste, sound of silence, ”dangerous” forests, incredible gardens telling stories, tea and porridge, ancient cathedrals, buildings and squares…

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I volunteered to hoe the potatoes planted in the allotmend and I really enjoyed it, even I found out they were a little bit different from the ones growing in my country. I am looking forward to seeing the harvest! I travelled home thinking about the lady who perfect  hosted me, my friends wonderful daughters, the old lady who knew about the history of my country more than any people I met before…

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. Where the biggest potatoes grow? In that place where the mind and heart are feeding true friendship.

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Come and Gone

Special words for special friendship…



How silver-precious

Those friendship beats,

Come and gone like

The six-prompt watchman

Between the Black Church

And the White Tower

In this or that foreign city.

Smiles exchanged, words danced

On benches by big, capital-brown rivers;

Cruel fingers on the new-named clock tower

In whose history-shadows we lingered,

Measuring the so-long seconds

Between now and the

Wide-yawn platform stations

And handcuff clocks and tickets.

Until next time …

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